Glittery Pumpkins!

So last year on he Cricut message board it was all the rage to make these awesome glittery ornaments for Christmas trees.  Well, I decided to make them pumpkins! 
I found these awesome smooched circle ornaments at Michael's while shopping today, and Rita thought they would be perfect for pumpkins!  So I purchased a few packages.... now for the details....
Side 1
Required supplies:
Clear glass ornaments
Pledge future floor wax
Fine glitter (I used Martha Stewart Fire Opal)
Oracle 631 vinyl in black (What you can buy from Provo Craft)
Saran wrap or paper towel
Cricut Expression (Or baby bug or create)
Pumpkin Carvings Cricut cartridge

Step 1: Remove the top from the ornament, set aside.  Squirt some of the pledge floor wax in the ornament and take the paper towel or saran wrap over the opening, and shake so the wax covers the inside of the ornament.  Drain excess wax back into the original bottle.
Step 2: Pour glitter into ornament, be sure you have enough, you can tap out the extra later.  Place the paper towel or saran wrap over the opening in the ornament and shake vigorously so the glitter covers the inside of the ornament.  Remove paper towel and tap out excess.  Replace ornament top. 
Step 3: Load black vinyl into your Cricut and cut faces from Pumpkin Carvings.  (I laid mine out in Design Studio to minimize waste of vinyl, they were done at 3" with the outside contour hidden to save more vinyl.)  Use transfer tape to place the cut faces on the ornaments, I put a different face on each side, just to mix things up. 
Step 4: ENJOY! 
Side 2! 

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