Rocky Horror Word Book

So I've noticed the increasing popularity of word books in some of the scrapbooking magazines that I have looked at or the Cricut forums that I have been visiting. For Rocky Horror we're always looking for new things to give away to the audience, and I came up with this. I don't know how well it will go over with the male members of our audience, but I had fun making it and setting it all up in Design Studio.

Cards: Cupcake and Minature Rose

First of all my rose... I have been trying to think of something to do for Valentine's Day, and this was the first one that I designed that I was super happy with, provided it is small, but that's half the fun of it for me!

And my cupcake, I was thinking about something that could also be used for Valentien's day, but that was standard, typical or expected.

My reason for being... on blogger that is.

So I've decided I want to do something to share what I've made with others, as inspiration or as a what not to do, take it as you will. My friends are always so excited about my new sewing projects or what I've created with my Cricut that I want to share them with more people.